KidsAndCars.org has worked with members of the Oprah Show for years. They have utilized our background information, statistics, public service announcements and even gave a direct ‘shout out’ to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration that “we want trunk releases!”

oprah-2011-05-13 Oprah’s Most Memorable Guests: The Greatest Lessons – 5/13/2011 In 2008, our friend, Brenda Slaby, who lost her daughter, Cecilia, bravely went on The Oprah Winfrey Show and shared her heartbreaking story. Oprah was so touched that she revisited Brenda’s story on her Greatest Lessons Learned Show of her final season. more info
oprah-2008-10-01 An Overwhelmed Mom’s Deadly Mistake – 10/1/2008 Brenda Slaby has called herself the ‘most hated mother in America.’ Find out want happened and how she would like other families to learn from her unthinkable tragedy. more info
oprah-saving-lives Life Saving Lessons From Families Like Yours – 6/1/2007 The Peck family spoke out about how the blindzone behind a vehicle caused the death or their son. His grandmother was the driver behind the wheel and is having difficulty forgiving herself. We hope she remembers it is impossible to avoid hitting something you literally cannot see. KidsAndCars.org provided background information for this show and our 30-second PSA about the dangers of backovers was aired. more info
oprah-monoxide-nightmare-1 Carbon Monoxide Nightmare? – 2004 The day that man sat across from me on the show, his pain was palpable. I knew viewers around the world would be able to sense his agony right through their television sets more info
oprah-fennells-1 Would You Know What To Do? – 1/26/2000 The Fennell’s crusade to make car trunks escapable was featured as a segment on her show about how to survive several dangerous situations. After Janette Fennell’s appearance and the strong endorsement by her show, trunk releases were required to be installed in all vehicles model year 2002 or newer!!!! (Special note: KidsAndCars.org is not aware of a single fatality in the trunk of a car that has the glow-in-the-dark internal trunk release) more info
oprah-boys-bubbles-1 Amazing Survival Stories – 6/4/1999 The Fennell family was abducted at gunpoint, robbed, assaulted and locked in the trunk of their car. Luckily they survived with the help of an “angel” who directed them toward a shiny piece of metal that provided a means of escape. In response to this miracle, the Fennells went on to make car trunks safer for everyone. more info