Hot Cars News Conference 5/22/19

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Video of News Conference

Lawmakers Pushing For Legislation On Hot Cars Alert System (CBS Miami)


Photos from news conference:



Heatstroke Fatalities by Year 

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Spanish [PDF]

Airbag vs. Heatstroke Fatalities English [PDF]

Spanish [PDF]

Heatstroke Fatalities by State

English [PDF]


Heat Stroke Fact Sheet

Heatstroke Fact Sheet

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Spanish [PDF]

Mandarin Chinese [PDF]

Arabic [PDF]

Look Before You Lock

‘Look Before You Lock’ education cards 

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Spanish [PDF]

Chinese [PDF]

For more information on child vehicular heatstroke, visit the heatstroke page.



Fatal Distraction Pulitzer Prize winning article by Gene Weingarten, The Washington Post

Hot car deaths: Study describes psychological and neural basis of how people make fatal errors

How We Can Protect Children From Dying in Hot Cars Editorial published on

An epidemic of children dying in hot cars: a tragedy that can be prevented (Dr. David Diamond)


Hot Car Deaths (June – September):