Summer Safety What You Need to Know About Child Vehicular Heat Stroke

June 12, 2015

LIFESTYLE In the past 20 years, more than 670 American children have died of heat stroke after being left or getting into a vehicle on their own.

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Don’t Leave Your Kids In Hot Cars | Sarah Plake Sees How Long She’d Last

June 11, 2015

Rising temperatures increase health risks, especially for children, the elderly, and pets. And, your car is one potential hot spot.

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Kids and Cars warns parents to look in the back seat before you lock up

June 10, 2015

“Think it can’t happen to you… think again!” Kids and Cars, an organization that aims to prevent more hot car deaths, said a simple stuffed animal in the front seat when your child’s in the back can prevent a terrible accident.

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Police warn not to leave kids in car during summer; group seeks new state law on issue

June 7, 2015

In Las Cruces, where temperatures reach 100 degrees or above in the summer, officials warn not to leave unaccompanied children and pets in vehicles for even 10 minutes.
Inside an enclosed vehicle, temperatures have the potential to rise by 19 degrees after only 10 minutes, by 34 degrees after 30 minutes and by 45 to 50 degrees in an hour, according to the Las Cruces Police Department.

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Caregivers Urged To Look Before You Lock To Prevent Deaths In Hot Cars

June 5, 2015

The state is warning parents about the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

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Think You’d Never Forget Your Kid in a Parked Car? Don’t Be So Sure

June 3, 2015

Whether or not you’re a parent, it may seem inconceivable to forget a child in a car, but it does happen despite a parent’s best intentions.

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New law passes to prevent child deaths in hot cars

A new law passed in the Commonwealth aims to prevent child deaths in hot cars. The law will go into effect in July. It releases people from liability for damages after breaking into someone’s car to rescue a child in danger.

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Campaign seeks to prevent vehicular heat stroke

June 1, 2015

In a partnership with the non-profit KidsandCars.comand Clear Channel Outdoor, Fort Bend county officials are participating in the Child Vehicular Heat Stroke Awareness Campaign.

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Look before you lock

It seems to be a headline in our news almost every couple weeks, a parent leaving a child alone in a hot car while they run inside a mall or grocery store.

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Think You Would Never Leave Your kid in a Car? One Mother’s Tragic story.

Lyn Balfour, of Charlottesville, never thought it could happen to her. “The high that day was 66 degrees.”
In March of 2007-on her way to work at the Army JAG office outside of Charlottesville-she had 9 month old Bryce in her car.

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