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Data Source: Database - These data vastly underestimate the true magnitude of non-traffic fatal incidents involving children.  This chart represents the incidents has documented involving children < 15 years of age.

Location specific data available upon request.


2014 Nontraffic Fatalities (as of 6/18/15): 

Heatstroke: 32

Backovers: 71

Frontovers:  63

Vehicle set in motion: 5

Underage Driver:  16

Drowning: 3

Power Window Strangulation: 2

Fall from Vehicle: 1

Other:  1

Total: 194


Not-in-Traffic Surveillance Reports

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is not required to collect data about nontraffic incidents as per the provision we helped adopt as part of the 2005 Federal Transportation bill (SAFETEA-LU). NHTSA refers to this new database as the “Not-in-Traffic-Surveillance” system or NiTS. Below are the reports they have published.

Child Fatality and Injury Statistics in Nontraffic Crashes 2008 to 2011- April, 2014

Fatality and Injury Statistics in Nontraffic Crashes 2008 to 2011April, 2014

Not-in-Traffic Surveillance 2007 – Children - June, 2009

Not-in-Traffic Surveillance 2007 – Highlights – January, 2009



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U.S. Child Nontraffic Fatalities


U.S. Child Nontraffic Fatalities


U.S. Child Frontover Fatalities


U.S. Child Backover Fatalities


U.S. Child Vehicular Heat Stroke Fatalities


Non-Fatal U.S. Child Non-Traffic
Incidents By Type

U.S. Child Vehicular Fatalities by Type

Clasificacion de Accidentes Fatales En USA