Resqme Information & Ordering

The Power to Save Lives Fits Right on your Keychain is putting emergency safety in the hands of drivers everywhere with resqme™.  A window breaker and seat belt cutter, this made-in-the-USA emergency escape tool hooks right on your keychain.

Donate $30 to and we’ll send you two life-saving resqme™ tools.

The more you buy, the more you save…in many ways:

2 for $30

3 for $43

5 for $68

10 for $125

Shipping and handling is free!

To order more than 10 resqme™ tools, please contact or call (913) 732-2792. We do NOT take orders over the phone for security reasons. Thank you!

Always ready when seconds count.
The scorching temperatures of the summer have fallen, but the reality of hot car deaths is forever imprinted on our hearts and minds. Empower yourself and those you love to rescue a child trapped in a car before it’s too late by shattering a window with resqme’s™ spring-loaded spike.

The risk of vehicle crashes is at an all-time high—and is also the #1 killer of children in the U.S. Resqme™ allows you to free yourself and others quickly with a seatbelt cutter at your fingertips. And, in the event that your vehicle becomes submerged you’ll be able to free yourself and passengers from seat belts and break the window to escape the vehicle.