Canada is the first international sister organization of


After seeing Founder and President Janette Fennell present the history and ongoing mission of the organization, John McKiggan of the Nova Scotia law firm of Arnold Pizzo McKiggan approached Janette about how they could bring this same child-focused safety mission to Canada.

John McKiggan, Chair of Kids And Cars - Canada, with Janette Fennell, Founder of

In late 2011, was established as a non-profit organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Like, is a non-profit organization and shares the same mission: To dedicate its efforts to preventing injuries and death to children in or around motor vehicles and to promote the highest level of safety awareness among parents, caregivers, and the public-at-large. Just like, has adopted as its Five Areas of Focus: Data Collection, Education, Policy Change, Regulation and Survivor Advocacy.


If you are interested in learning more about or about how you can get involved here in Canada, please contact us at


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