Every year, thousands of children are killed or seriously injured because a driver backing up didn't see them. A backover incident typically takes place when a car is backing out of a driveway or parking space.




Child Tragedies

Backover tragedies change the lives of parents, families, and communities forever. Below are stories of just a few children whose lives were lost because they could not be seen in the blindzone behind a vehicle.

Kaycie Blood Dillon Caputo Drew Campbell Madison Chatten Adrianna Clemens
Benjamin Donnell Aliviah Gridley Cameron Gulbransen Austin Gordon Haver Blake Hofer
Mariana Lopez Seth McCartney C.J. Norton Bridget O'Connor Jackson Peck
Craig Rice Veronica Rosenfeld Jacob Sanchez Alec Nelson Annabelle Bryant
Colin Walminski Vada Schoon Jared Estes David Sandoval Wesley Yackle
Jack Pauly Marlee Anne Kalmin Lynnea Zweigel Noah Tkachyk Noah Allen
Georgy Cockburn Sidney Edminsten Toby Riley Daniela Serpico Myles Donnelly  
Abigail Dahlen Autumn Danchanko Ora RoseMary      


Close Calls

Below are stories of just a few children who survived being backed over because they could not be seen in the blindzone behind a vehicle.

Matthew Anthony Patrick Ivison Kate Auriemma Skye Jordan  



Fact Sheet

In the U.S. at least fifty children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week. Forty-eight (48) are treated in hospital emergency rooms and at least two (2) children are fatally injured every WEEK.

• The predominant age of victims is one year olds. (12‐23 months)

• Over 60% of backing up incidents involved a larger size vehicle. (truck, van, SUV)

• Tragically, in over 70% of these incidents, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel.

Fact Sheet for Backovers

Why we call the areas around a vehicle a blindzone and NOT a 'blind spot."

Learn what the BlindZone measurement is for your vehicle:
Consumer Reports has measured the blindzones of a number of popular vehicle models. The results for both an average-height driver (5 feet 8 inches) and a shorter driver (5 feet 1 inch) are listed in the accompanying charts.
click here for BlindZone information

Chart, Statistics, Graphics makes available charts and graphs to be downloaded for free and are excellent education materials. We encourage you to share, print, copy, distribute, or enlarge them; but we ask that no changes be made.  Simply click on an image below to open a full PDF file of the chart.


Safety Tips

Learn simple tips on how to keep your children safe in and around vehicles.
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Public Service Announcements and Videos

Heighten awareness about the dangers children face in and around motor vehicles with's Public Service Announcements. Please encourage TV stations, hospital, doctor offices, public health offices, parenting classes, etc., to share this life-saving information.



BlindZone Demonstration

WKBW Programming - Gelber and O'Connell, LLC

July 30, 2012

Gelber and O'Connell, LLC demonstrate the large and very dangerous blindzones that exist behind all vehicles.

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Keven Moore on Insurance: Avoid tragedy of driveway accidents; proceed with caution - Keven Moore

July 24, 2012

One of the most horrific, unthinkable accidents that can happen to a child can take place less than a few feet from your very own front door. Run-over accidents in your driveway occur too often and are devastating to families, as 70 percent of the time, they involve another family member at the wheel.

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Warning Teen Drivers About “Blindzones”

FromReidsDad BLOG - Tim Hollister

July 20, 2012

At the recent Lifesavers Conference, I stopped by the KidsAndCars booth. The mission of this marvelous organization,, based in Kansas, is to educate all drivers about the risks to children of driving, with “blindzones” being one of its main focuses.

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Kelly: Extra look before backing up can save kid's life

WORLD-HERALD - Michael Kelly

June 28, 2012

Few accidents are sadder or more horrific than when a child is run over by a parent, a grandparent, a neighbor or a friend — and yet they continue to happen.

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Grief after mom’s SUV kills child

Houma Today - Xerxes A. Wilson

June 17, 2012

Grief after mom’s SUV kills child says she hopes her loss may prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

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Paralyzed School Boy Walks Over Stage to Receive Diploma

French Tribune - Nimisha Sachdev

June 15, 2012

It has been revealed in a new report that Patrick Ivison, a boy paralyzed for nearly 17 years, showed an amazing picture on Tuesday, when he stood up on his feet and walked to get his high school diploma.

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Vehicle Blind Zones

WUSA - Samara Martin Ewing

June 01, 2012

Interview with Ace Scott who accidentally backed over 2-year old boy.

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Take thirty seconds and save a life

News Journal - Clairen Reese

May 25, 2012

How many times have you seen a kid lose a ball, a pet or even scurry under a car to catch an elusive bug? Or better yet, NOT seen a small child rush outside after a departing parent?

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Kids and Car Safety

Fox News - Jason M. Vaughn

May 14, 2012

Janette Fennel from stopped by the FOX 4 Morning Show to talk about car safety and children.

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A Grayson Family Is Dealing With Tragedy by Promoting Awareness

PATCH - Sharon Swanepoel

May 09, 2012

The family of Olivia Anne Hellwig, the baby who died after being backed over by a car while in her stroller at Lenora Park in Snellville on Sept. 17, 2011, have created a foundation in her name to raise awareness of pedestrian safety. An event planned at Grayson Community Park this month to help raise funds is already sold out.

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Technology is available to reduce the blindzone behind your vehicle. Learn more about what is available today as after market technology you can add to your vehicle today. All vehicles can be retrofitted with rearview video camera systems and/or sensors.

Audiovox - provides smart, dependable and affordable Rear Collision Avoidance solutions to keep families safe in the driveway and on the road.

Backup4Safety - is in the business of providing a safe environment for our children by making premium rearview backup safety systems accessible to everyone through direct sales, charitable donation, fundraising and “Pay It Forward” good will programs.

Gentex - automatically shows a driver the view of what is directly behind the vehicle when it is put in “reverse” so that the rear blind zone is visible.

Echomaster - the premier manufacturer of reverse sensing devices, is dedicated to preventing reversing accidents. Safety is our number one concern.

Ackton - a world leader in the manufacturing of parking sensors for the automotive, commercial, and R.V. markets.

Vehicle Reversing System - makes available the Worlds Only patented "Talking" Reversing Alert System.

Rostra - recently introduced BabyCam, a system with allows safe and easy monitoring of children in their car seats without taking driver focus from the road.

ScopeOut - a patented system of aerodynamic mirrors that are strategically placed on the vehicle to provide a panoramic rear view of vehicles or persons approaching on the street or down the sidewalk.

VisorView - The rear view camera system VISOR-VIEW is compatible with virtually any vehicle. Drivers now have an affordable way to view hidden object



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